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This module will allow You to display products from different categories and display them in separate panel with it's own category title / custom title. It does'nt replace any existing module it's separate extension with it's own template and style file so You can style your products in the way you like.

Filter products: special / bestsellers / popular / latest or just display products by category and sort them by name, rating, price ... Full functionality described below.



- Title: by category / custom

- Products by selected category 

- Products by current category 

- Sort products by name, price, date, order, quantity, rating, model

- Selected featured products by category

- Latest products by category

- Special products by category

- Sort special products by name, price, date, order, quantity, rating, model

- Bestsellers by category

- Popular products by category

- Button: View Category (link to category)

- Layouts: 2 layouts for category link display, with category image / button link

- Disable category link button in header: show/hide

- Show more (previous / next page) carousel

- Adjust selected products order as you like

Style can be easily adjusted via template file or the CSS file. 

vQMOD is required


Website: http://oc.e-business.lt/

Website OpenCart v2.0: http://oc2.e-business.lt/

Module: http://oc.e-business.lt/admin/index.php?route=module/featuredbd

Module: http://oc2.e-business.lt/admin/index.php?route=module/featuredbd

Username: demo

Password: demo

Here You can play with module but You cant save your modifications.

If You have any questions do not hesitate to contact me and i will answer them.

Featured / Latest / Specials / Bestsellers /Products By Category

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