Quick Edit / Delete Product Menu - simple solution for fast product management while viewing website logged in as administrator. With this extension you'll be able to manage your products on the fly. 

For example:

- You have founded an error in product name / description / price ... and you need to fix that as fast as possible. To do so you would need to go to Admin -> Catalog -> Products -> Type in the name in search -> Click filter -> And only then you would get the Edit button. This module skips all that and redirects you to product edit form instantly just by clicking "Edit" button in product page.

- Found unwanted product which had to be deleted long time ago? Just click "Delete" button in product page and it's gone.

vQMOD is required for opencart v1.5.3+!

OCMOD version is also available for OpenCart 2.x


Website: http://oc.e-business.lt/admin/

Website OpenCart v2.0: http://oc202.e-business.lt/admin/

Username: demo

Password: demo

Quick Edit / Delete Product Menu (vQMOD / OCMOD)

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