Special Discount Price By Category

Special offer for first 20 customers 75% OFF 12.5$ instead of 50$

Spending huge amount of time setting up special price on each product? This module will make it easy and fast. You'll be able to manage your special offers in single page without opening product information page. 

Just think of a number like 55% discount enter 55 to discount field select category to apply it to, confirm creation and click Apply discount. That's it you'll have discount set for all products in category. You can also remove unneeded discounts by selecting them from products list and clicking "Delete" near "Delete selected discounts?" More info about functionality bellow.


- Display special offers from all categories

- Display special offers by selected category

- Filter displayed products by name,price,quantity,status,model

- Quick link to product edit page

- Discount amount in percentage displayed near each product

- Create discount for all products in certain category

- Create discount for all products at once

- Prioritize your discounts

- Create discount for a singe category and it's subcategories

- Manage selected products: edit / delete discount / delete permanently

- Delete newly created discount with a single click and apply new afterwords

- Delete single category discount or include all subcategories to discount deletion

- Leave or clear previous discounts during discount creation

- All delete operations have confirmation buttons which helps to avoid accidental button clicks

- Create discount with date start and date end or leave it blank to make discount permanent

- Inactive discounts will be marked as gray.

vQMOD is required for OpenCart v1.5.3.x-

OCMOD used for OpenCart 2.x


Module: http://oc.e-business.lt/admin/index.php?route=module/specialdiscountbd

Module: http://oc202.e-business.lt/admin/index.php?route=module/specialdiscountbd

Username: demo

Password: demo

Here You can play with module but You cant save your modifications.

If You have any questions do not hesitate to contact me and i will answer them.

Special Discount Price By Category

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